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Gravel Fondo Limburg is a gravel race that is an integral part of the UCI Gravel World Series. This race takes place in the midst of the most beautiful cycling area in the Netherlands, South Limburg. Both the race and the region are characterized by a lot of cycling history, hilly sections, lössgrond and beautiful unpaved tracks.


The signposted route starts at the Shimano Experience Center in Valkenburg. The start promises to be challenging with climbing the famous Cauberg. Soon the participants will ride a local loop. Based on the Elite or age category, the loop will be ridden two or three times. The course consists of a mix of gravel sections and short stretches of asphalt roads in the characteristic Limburg hilly landscape. Participants finish the race by turning off the local loop towards the finish again at the Shimano Experience Center. The total distance is approximately 80 km or 120 km. The route is largely similar to the Gravel Fondo Limburg 2023 route. Once more information about the course is available, we will share it.

Public areas

We warmly invite everyone to cheer on the riders along the course during Gravel Fondo Limburg! However, we also want to draw your attention to some specific areas where spectators are not allowed. These areas are marked in red on the map below. This may be for various reasons, such as the safety of the riders, the flow of the race, protection of vulnerable natural areas, or other logistical considerations. We kindly ask you to respect these designated zones and refrain from standing there.

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